Smartwatch Colmi P8 SE PLUS με Παλμογράφο (Μαύρο)



Παράδοση: 4-10 ημέρες

Smartwatch Colmi P8 SE PLUS (black)

  • Χρωμα: Μαύρο
  • Οθόνη: 1,69″ TFT, 240×280 pixel, RGB
  • Αδιάβροχο IP68
  • Διαστάσεις: 44,7x37x9,9mm
  • Τρόπος φόρτισης: Μαγνητικό καλώδιο
  • Εφαρμογή: Da Fit (app)
  • Συμβατά συστήματα: Android 4.4 ή νεότερη έκδοση, iOS 8.0 ή νεότερη έκδοση

35.95 59.95


  • Σύνδεση σε όλα τα κινητά Android & iOS
  • Εισερχόμενες κλήσεις / απόρριψη
  • Αδιάβροχη προστασία IP68
  • Ειδοποίηση όλων των εφαρμογών του κινητού όπως Facebook, instagram, viber
  • Μετρητή καρδιακών παλμών, οξυγόνου αίματος & πίεσης
  • Ειδοποίηση μηνυμάτων
  • Διαθέσιμες επιλογές οθόνης (άνω των 150+ καντράν)

Colmi P8 SE PLUS smartwatch

Choose functionality and versatility. The Colmi P8 SE PLUS smartwatch will notify you of incoming messages and help you plan your workout. It offers 8 sports modes, measures heart rate and monitors sleep. It is equipped with a large HD 1.69″ display that you can customize to your liking. It is also distinguished by its IP68 water resistance. It also comes with a protective silicone case for the smartwatch.

HD display

Easy and convenient operation of the smartwatch is enabled by a 1.69″ touchscreen display with a resolution of 240×280 pixels. It provides a clear, readable image in almost any conditions and responds quickly to touch. You can also customize its appearance according to your preferences. Choose from the available screen designs and make the smartwatch fit your style or mood even better.

Help you take care of your health

Keep your finger on the pulse and react in time to any alarming symptoms. Colmi P8 SE PLUS smartwatch is equipped with an optical sensor, which allows you to precisely measure your heart rate even 24 hours a day. It also measures blood pressure and SpO2. The device can also monitor sleep – among other things, it recognizes its phases and records their duration.

8 sport modes to choose from

Plan more and more effective workouts, break more records, reach your goals and enjoy perfect fitness. The smartwatch counts your steps, calories burned and distance covered, and measures your heart rate while you exercise, so you can keep track of your progress. The P8 SE PLUS also lets you choose from 8 sport modes. Running, cycling, swimming, soccer, skipping, or maybe badminton? You are sure to find something for you!

Notifies you of messages

Have you ever missed an important message? Or maybe you did not notice that someone is calling you? With Colmi P8 SE PLUS you will forget about such problems! When you pair the device with your smartphone, you will be instantly notified of incoming messages and calls. You can also reject a call from the smartwatch. The P8 SE PLUS is compatible with most popular apps.

Even more capabilities

The P8 SE PLUS smartwatch offers even more interesting features. It will remind you to move and drink water, provide convenient access to the weather forecast and allow you to set an alarm clock. You can also use the stopwatch. You can also remotely control the music player on your phone and control your smartphone’s camera – now it’s easy to take the perfect picture! Simple games are also available.

Durable battery

Don’t worry that your smartwatch will refuse to work when you least expect it. Colmi P8 SE PLUS has a 200mAh long-lasting lithium battery built in. This allows it to last up to 7 days on a single charge with normal daily use or up to 25 days in standby mode. The included magnetic cable allows you to charge the device in just about 2.5 hours.

Comfortable, waterproof, robust

This lightweight and convenient smartwatch can accompany you almost anywhere. It’s IP68 waterproof, so you don’t have to take it off your wrist when you leave the house in the rain, wash your hands, exercise or swim. Water and sweat are no threat to it! It also comes with a silicon case to protect your smartwatch from bumps, scratches and other damage.

In the box

  • Smartwatch
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Silicone protective case
  • User Manual


Brand Colmi
Model P8 SE PLUS
Color Black
Display 1.69″ TFT, 240×280 pixels, RGB
Chip GR5515
Flash RAM 256KB, ROM 64MB
Battery capacity 200mAh
Waterproof IP68
Dimensions 44.7x37x9.9mm
Charging method Magnetic cable
App Da Fit
Strap length Overall length: 255mm;
Length adjustment: 155-235mm;
Compatible systems Android 4.4 or above, iOS 8.0 or above


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